Below you will find our health guarantee and other information related to adopting our puppies. Please read this information before reserving a puppy, and Contact Us with any questions.

    Big Rock Bulldogs Puppy Purchase Agreement

    Fair Grove, Missouri 65648

    (417) 839−5582


    THIS AGREEMENT IS BETWEEN THE SELLER (Big Rock Bulldogs) and the buyer stated below. It is non-transferable.

    The deposit amount to reserve one of our puppies is $400.00

    We guarantee this puppy’s general health for 7 days from the date it leaves our home. We must have notification within 72 hours of any problem if it arises. We will guarantee our puppies to be free from congenital defects for one year from date of birth. This guarantee does not cover problems related to non-life threatening, non-congenital diseases. This agreement is void if a veterinary exam is not completed within 72 hours of purchaser possession. Claims must be accompanied by a Veterinarians Health Certificate, including any records with full explanation of the medical issue, lab tests, medications, etc… and be received by the seller within 7 days of the first Vet visit. All Veterinarian charges incurred by the buyer are the sole responsibility of the buyer and will not be paid for by the seller under any circumstance. I reserve the right to a second opinion at my expense. If a difference of opinion occurs, I will adhere to the advice and/or diagnosis of my Veterinarian. I will not guarantee against human error in the care and treatment of the puppy. Please use common sense and do not expose your puppy to other peoples’ pets and avoid public places until the puppy has had full immunity from the series of vaccinations completed by your Veterinarian.

    I understand all sales are final, and that no refunds will be given after the expiration of the health guarantee. Should any litigation arise regarding the puppy for any reason, the purchaser is obligated to pay the seller’s legal fees.

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